Hyundai Santa Fe Modifications

The most popular Hyundai Santa Fe Modifications.

These are the most popular modifications for the 2001 - 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe.
Before performing them on your vehicle, please see the disclaimer.

 Members' website with Santa Fe Modifications / Install guides

 Engine/Engine Bay/Performance Mods

Modification Type Provided by member
 Air Silencer Box/Resonator removal Mod MikeTerminator
 Alarm constantly goes off - Hood Switch Mod Mod twospirits
 Bonnet (Hood) Scoop - Adding LED Lights Mod Andy2035
 Double Exhaust Tips/Rear Muffler Removal Mod MikeTerminator
 Engine Air Filter - Installing Mod MikeTerminator
 High Idle RPMs - Cure for Mod MikeTerminator
 Hood - Soundproofing of (viewable via internet archive) more info and pics on Hyundai Forums Mod Retired in Bama
 Spark Plugs - Changing on a V6 cyl Mod Hennesseystealth
 Strut Bar - Adding Mod twospirits

Exterior - Lighting Mods

Modification Type Provided by member
 HID Xenon Headlights - Adding Install Robert Lobitz
 Underbody LED - Adding Mod santamen

Exterior - Front Mods

Modification Type Provided by Member
 Alarm Chirp - Adding to pre-2004 models Mod twospirits, southpawboston
 Brush Guard LED Mod Santamen
 Daylight Running Lights - Install Guide Mod twospirits, southpawboston, Roland
 Fog Lights - OEM Install (viewable via internet archive) Install Sporthound
 Fog Lights - With Parking lights only (viewable via internet archive) Mod Sporthound
 Grille - Installing a Billet Grille Mod twospirits
 Grille - Adding lights behind the Grille Mod Spawn
 Hood Mirrors - Adding Signal & Non-Signal Mod twospirits
 Side Markers - Converting to Signal Lights Mod twospirits, nomogm
 Side Markers - Installing Front Clear type Install twospirits
 Sport Bumper Install Install HardyDoug
 Washer Light - Install Guide (viewable via internet archive) Install Sporthound

 Exterior - Rear Mods

Modification Type Provided by Member
 3rd Brake Light - Replacing with LED Bars Mod twospirits, Onigoroshi
 3rd Brake Light - Eliminate red hue glow mod (viewable via internet archive) Mod afob3
 Backup Lights - Adding Safety Strobe (viewable via internet archive) Mod Sac D
 Dual Exhaust Tips Install/Muffler removal  Mod MikeTerminator
 Euro Light Fix Mod hbcroushore, twospirits
 High Idle RPMs fix Mod IBDAVE, MikeTerminator
 Rear Fog Lights - Working (Original) Mod Sporthound, kcorcoran, original by krcooper
 Rear Fog Lights - Working (my version) Mod twospirits
 Rear Hatch Mirror - Install and Views Install twospirits
 Rear Spoiler - Installing Install twospirits
 Trailer Hitches - Towing Capacity,  Install Congo99 and RG1620

 Exterior - Side Mods

Modification Type Provided by Member
 Fender Flares - Adding Install twospirits
 Side Markers - Installing Rear LED type Install twospirits
 Side Steps - Adding install twospirits

 Interior - Cabin Mods

Modification Type Provided by Member
 Alarm LED ver 1- Connecting  Mod Cornelius18, Retired in Bama
 Alarm LED Scanner - Connecting  Mod Markoz74
 Armrest - Adding height Mod twospirits
 Armrest, Bug Deflector, Rear Spoiler, Thermometer, Compass and Vent Visors Mod petko edm
 Armrest - A detailed and professional extension Mod Ted
 Cabin Air Filter - Accessing (2001-2006 US Models) Install Geoff White, twospirits
 Cabin Air Filter - Accessing (2007 US model) Install twospirits
 Calendar - Setting the Internal Clock Other Hyundai Webtech
 Console Lights (Santy Blue Revisited) Mod Spawn
 Converting the Auto Climate Control from C° to F° Other Hyundai Webtech
 Door Controls - Adding LEDs to illuminate Mod hardydoug
 Door Controls - Adding illumination using EL Wire Mod hardydoug
 Door Panel Lights - Installing on Non-US models Mod santamen
 Pedal - Installing glow pedals Mod santamen
 Gauges - Adding Reverse Indiglo Type (Long) Mod twospirits
 Gauges - Adding Reverse Indiglo Type (Short) (viewable via internet archive) Mod Sac D
 Gearshift - Adding a cover boot Mod gdibig
 Headlight Buzzer - Adding Mod twospirits, original by Tom Gull
 Ipod/MP3 - Adding Direct Aux-in Mod zebra100
 Kill-Toggle switch for extra lights (viewable via internet archive) Mod Sporthound
 Radio Noise Filter - Adding (viewable via internet archive) Mod Sporthound
 Seat Extension Modification Mod scs00, alphanstein, SwaveDave, leedef
 One Touch Sunroof Mod nsdy2K

 Interior - Cargo Mods

Modification Type Provided by member
 Cargo Area Lights - Adding (viewable via internet archive) Mod Spawn
 Cargo Tray - Converting into a Picnic Table Mod SantaBlu
 Rear Hatch Strap - Adding Mod twospirits

 Navigating Hyundais' Webtech.

Topic Provided by
 Searching the Hyundai Webtech online database. Info Hyundai Motor America

 Hyundai Santa Fe Electrical Loads.

Topic Provided by member
 Santa Fe Electrical Loads Explained (viewable via internet archive) Info SportHound

 Informative Articles / DIY Mods outline in the Santa Fe Forum and other sites.

Topic Brief Description
 AWD system of the Santa Fe explained  The system is explained and its behavior in snow.
 Center Fascia Console  How to remove the center console
 Clay Bar - Cleaning with  Cleaning your car's paint with Detailing Clay
 Constant Power to the 12 volt sockets  Provides constant power to the 12 volt sockets
 Gas Saving Tips  18 gas saving tips
 Firewall - Getting through  Where to drill through the firewall (for wiring).
 Preventive Maintenance Guide  a quick/easy guide for the Self-Service customer.
 Side Mirrors - Correct way to adjust  Defensive driving tip
 Static - Reducing or eliminating  by SportHound
 Transmitter (Remote) Code Registration  Setting the FOB (transmitter) code

 Other Informative Articles

Site Brief Description
 Car Care Articles     

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 Fog Lights All about Fog Lights, cleaning, aiming, bulbs etc
 Tire Tech-General Tire Info Tread wear, traction, temps, and size of tire info.
 Car Audio Primer Easy to learn reference guide on Car Audio Electronics

 Automotive (Window) Tinting Laws

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 New York Tinting Law  Specifics on how much you can tint the windows by law, 


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