Santa-Fe P E R F O R M A N C E

[engine air filter] [air silencer box removal] [double exhaust tips & rear muffler removal] [cure 4 high idle RPMs]



This modification will make the Santa FE, that has only one
exhaust tip, look much better, and will also add some horsepower
to the car. It involves removing the spair tire and the parts that holds
the tire. You will take some weight of the car, and that is also very
good for performance. What about if you need a spair tire then? Well,
I just placed two "tirefix on can" in the vehicle. It is much lighter, and
will get me to a tire shop if I blow a tire. This modification can, and
should be applied
to any vehicle and will give you a better fuel
economy and greater performance.

Exhaust system
Much like air going into the engine, the exhausts must leave the engine. And, just like the air filter mod, this
modification will allow exhausts to leave the engine easier with less resistance so that the engine does'nt
waste power on pushing the exhausts out.

Here's the parts of the exhaust system on the Santa Fe 2.4 4WD

1. Exhaust manifold
2. Catalytic converter
3. Small muffler
4. Pipe to the back of the car
5. Main muffler
6. Exhaust tip

The above route is the correct way for the exhaust system of the Santa-Fe 2.4 4WD.

Why should you make this modification then?
Well, the double exhaust tips will look just great, and it almost looks like there should have been one exhaust
tip on each side (see the plastic rear fender).
Of course, if you also want slightly more power and an even smoother running engine with a cool sound, then
you really should go ahead and make this modification.

You don't have to worry about the sound getting too loud because the catalytic converter and the small muffler
left on the exhaust system will still remove a lot of sound, and you will NOT get any error codes.

What to do
1. Build the exhaust tips with exhaust tubing and exhaust tips (as seen on pictures below)
2. Cut holes in the rear plastic fender where the exhaust tips will exit (you will see where to cut, trust1 me)
3. Cut tube right before the rear muffler and remove the muffler
4. Make a hole in the exhaust tip tubing on the right back side (seen from behind) and weld on a piece of tubing
5. Install the whole rear tubing with exhaust tips
6. Connect the exhaust tube (that was connected to the muffler) with the tube you welded on to the tip-section.

The result then...

Well, I'm not done yet, but I promise you a very great looking Santa FE, and also better performance!

I will post more pictures as soon as I got more to show you....