Santa-Fe P E R F O R M A N C E

[engine air filter] [air silencer box removal] [double exhaust tips & rear muffler removal] [cure 4 high idle RPMs]


The air intake silencer box located between the MAF and the
throttle body, below the air hose, is called a resonator, but
is also called an air silencer. The worst part about this air
silencer is that it will rub your engine on free flowing air going
into the engine, and that will drag down the performance of
the car. I've fixed this modification with great success, and
below you can see pictures of my work with the air intake
silencer box, and how I removed and fixed it.

When doing this mod with all parts away and mounted off, you might want to fix the cure for high idle/RPM
at the same time. It is very easy to fix it with the parts for this mod removed (se links on top for that fix).

Air silencer/resonator
This part of the air modification I've done is also important. The air silencer was installed to take
away some of the noice from the air intake on the throttle body. When you push the pedal to the metal
you open the throttle body for full air flow, and the sound that comes from the engine is the sound
that engineers want to damp down. BUT, this WILL rob your engine on power and make your car drink
more fuel. The air silencer is just a small plastic box with nothing in it, and the air flow will be very
disturbed on its way to the throttle body. GET RID OF IT!!! (more pictures below)

What to do
1. Remove the air hose running from the air filter box to the MAF sensor (or just the filter and the MAF if modded)
2. Remove the MAF sensor
3. Remove the small hose on remaining air hose still connected to the throttle body
4. Remove the air hose fitted onto the throttle body (this part has the air silencer on the bottom of it)
5. IMPORTANT! Cover the throttle body air intake with tape or a plastic bag to be sure no dirt will go in there!

6. Remove the air silencer box
7. As the pictures below show, install any plastic part that fits in the hole where the silencer was fitted.
8. Make sure there is a smooth surface inside the air hose where the plastic part is installed.
9. With a gluegun, make sure there is glue in any open spaces around the part you just installed.
10. Drill and put two screws into the plastic part you just installed. This is to be sure the plastic part will stay there!
11. Re-install everything!

ALWAYS look at the pictures below if you are unsure of anything, they will guide you!

The result then...
Even more raw sound from the engine, and better air flow = slightly more power and better fuel economy.