Santa-Fe P E R F O R M A N C E

[engine air filter] [air silencer box removal] [double exhaust tips & rear muffler removal] [cure 4 high idle RPMs]


This modification should be made right away by Santa Fe 2.4 4WD owners.
The modification can also be made to any other vehicle and WILL improve
performance and fuel economy.

Engine air
The engine needs air so that it can be mixed with the fuel (air/fuel mix).
These components along with a number of parts creates a "boom" inside the
engine with a little help from the spark plugs. This keeps the engine running.
The air temperature is important if we want more power out of the engine,
and the colder the air is going into the engine, the more air can be squeezed
in, and more air means more power. For example, a blower, or a supercharger attached to a vehicles engine will
force more air into the engine by compressing the air first, and that means even more power, and even more power if
the air is cold. That is why the blower/supercharger might need an intercooler because air becomes warmer under
compression. It is also VERY IMPORTANT to remember that the Santa Fe engine is sucking the air in with its own
power, and if it is harder for the engine to "breathe", then you get less power to move the vehicle.

There is a few important components to remember when it comes to air intake for the engine.
1. Air intake (where the air starts its path to the engine
2. Air hose
3. Air filter/cleaner box and the air filter that cleans the air
4. MAF (mass airflow sensor)
5. Air silencer box
6. Throttle body

The above route is the correct way for the air intake of the Santa-Fe 2.4 4WD.

Ok, so why should you make this modification then?
Well, let's start with the first step. The Santa Fe air intake hose is located "in a galaxy far far away", and that
means next to the right side of the battery (standing in front of the car). Now you probably think "this is good,
because now we get cold air". Well, think again. The intake is still located inside the engine compartment,
and it is impossible to get the intake away from the engine heat unless you feed the intake with fresh air from
outside the engine compartment. Also, the air hose is running along the engine, so the hose it self heats up,
and that will heat up the air inside it too.

The problem is the first intake place, and hose, it is routed from the battery side, under the battery, back up
on the other side (side by side with the engine), and finally into the air filter/cleaner box.
This causes air friction,
turbulence and resistance, something we do NOT want. And this also means the engine must work hard to get air.

What I did was I removed the air hose between the air filter/cleaner box and the MAF (mass airflow sensor), and
installed the easy breathe sport filter directly on the MAF. The new filter has a heat shield, a poor one, but it's still
much better than the original air intake idea.

A modification I have'nt done yet...
The air silencer, located between the MAF and the Throttle Body (under the air hose), is a major air intake killer
and a power sucking bad bad part
It is there to remove air intake sounds, but will make the air bounce like crazy. This is very bad, and the air
silencer box MUST be removed to be able to feed the engine with the undisturbed air flow it must get. This
is not a joke, and I will soon remove it myself (I'll get some pictures up when I'm done with it). Also, since the
new air filter is making a COOL noice, why use an air silencer that cannot remove the sound?

The result then...

I first noticed that the idle was higher, and much smoother when the engine was warm. It took a while for the
computer to adjust to the new air flow/temperature
, and finally the idle got normal, and the idle was still
smoother than before.
The second thing I noticed was that I could'nt feel that loss of power under acceleration around 2.300 RPM
like I used to, you know like when the AC comes on, but this was under acceleration. It is gone, YES!
The third thing I noticed was the sound from the engine compartment, well, there is a beast under the
hood....I can actually hear my engine breathe as I open the throttle body intake with my right foot.
It is like a bear getting angry! VERY COOL SOUND, and it comes around 3.000 RPM.
And last, the car is running smoother and has a litle more power than before, trust me!
I can also say that this modification for sure will improve the fuel economy a little bit.

...and so, I feel like I've given my engine a new life with better air without any restriction or turbulence.

These pictures are taken with the old air filter box still in place, I will remove it later on and make a better
and nicer installation of the new fantastic air filter.