Santa-Fe P E R F O R M A N C E

[engine air filter] [air silencer box removal] [double exhaust tips & rear muffler removal] [cure 4 high idle RPMs]

Thanks to IBDAVE who discovered the possibility to lower the high idle RPMs on some Santa Fe cars!
My intention is to help and show you how to do it. There is a few images to guide you in your work!


This is not really a performance modification, not in a
sporty way anyway! It will help all owners with Santa Fe
that have noticed a too high idle RPM when starting their
vehicle. The neighbours are wondering what you are doing,
the clutch will be destroyed faster and it is harder to shift
smooth. Hyundai made the car this way, and the idea is
to get the catalytic converter as worm as possible in a very
short time. This, however, will slowly kill your engine over
time, much faster than with normal idle RPMs. The engine
will not get enough lubrication for a split second, and you
will also pollute the world more with those high idle RPMs
than a normal drive warm-up.

What are we going to change?
Well, the part we will work with is a small air servo motor sensor (see image above) that controls some of the air going
in to the engine. It even controls the engine idle speed compared to, for example, the climate control system.
The air servo motor sensor will compensate for loss of power when AC is turned on, meaning more "unvisible throttle
action". This, however, was not noticed to change because of this modification. The air servo motor can open from
0% to 100%, and when the car is started when engine is cold, then the air servo motor open to around 100%, and
that is the idle around 1600 - 2100 RPM, depending on different engines, models and year make. You will not
destroy your engine, get any error codes etc. etc. You will have a smoother running engine at around 1100 RPM in
cold idle and a car with better fuel economy!

How to do it
FIRST! Remove the engine plastic top cover!
1. Remove the air hose running from the air filter box to the MAF sensor (or just the filter and the MAF if modded)
2. Remove the MAF sensor
3. Remove the small hose on remaining air hose still connected to the throttle body
4. Remove the air hose fitted onto the throttle body.
5. IMPORTANT! Cover the throttle body air intake with tape or a plastic bag to be sure no dirt will go in there!

6. Remove the air servo motor sensor with screwdriver (see picture above)
7. When removed, push the small metal part on the three wire connector and draw the connecor out.
8. You should now have the servo motor sensor in your hand.
9. You should now see the two large holes that handles the air flow, that the servo motor controls (se picture below).

10. Put some metalic tape, or something else, over all holes and push it down so that you get the shape of all...
.....holes and the outer line. This way you can make a part in plastic or metallic that will fit on top of the holes.
11. Cut/build the new part that will have half size smaller holes than seen on the air servo motor sensor, I used...
......a soft plastic piece because it will allow itself to be pressed together a bit, this means air tight (see below)

12. Now install the new part you've made (see image below)

13. Insert the screws, re-install the air servo motor sensor and re-install all other parts you've removed.

What about the result?

My cold idle stays at 1100 RPM, and I have the ability to drive away without tearing down my clutch!
I am very happy, and everything is working just perfect!
When the AC comes on, it still compensates perfect!!