The Hyundai Santa Fe Radio Static Tips
Ways to reduce or eliminate Radio Static

Author of procedures: SportHound
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Introduction / History

Some members have complained of hearing static from their radio/audio systems and the following tips provided by SF Forum member SportHound helps reduce or eliminate such radio static noises.


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Tip # 1:

Static is due to the alternator interfering with your internal sensitive equipment. If you have something like a CB radio, cell phone attachment for mobile communication, or just a plain old mid-end performance radio, by an isolator kit to kill the incoming magnetic field interference. You can also use a few layers of aluminum sheets if you like to wrap your equipment up. Works well with my CB radio.

Tip # 2:

Ground your power lines! Alternators, or poor grounding wires from modding/installation, will cause the annoying static's. Trace the wires from the radio/electronics to the power source as far as you can. If the wire requires additional filtering/grounding, get the filter/grounding wires to help the components filter/ground better.

Tip # 3:

Additional power loads from the same power line will cause havoc on your radio/communication devices. For example, if you're using the cell phone charger in the cigarette lighter or 12v utility line, guess what, your radio is going to have the static interference during the charging cycle. If you're using LED or connect to a light source using any wire that taps by the radio, you'll have a static from the power usage.....


Proper filtering and grounding eliminate the noise from my radio. How? Easy! Secondary battery supply. The internal and external fuba antennas taps into my secondary power source, isolated from any power source drain from the main battery/alternator. The radio is filter twice, one from the main power line that runs the radio, and the secondary that tabs into the battery for memory retention. I also create a secondary grounding from the radio to the vehicle's frame to eliminate possible poor grounding. Voila!! No more static, and the fuba is pulling in the signal 3x stronger than before using an isolated power source just for the antenna. Signal is clear as a bell where ever I go. For more info go to SportHounds website.

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