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The Disclaimer

  One of the reasons why this website was created was my desire to gather the numerous modifications done on the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Utility Vehicle. This web site shows visitors the step by steps instructions on these modifications as well as numerous files for download. The files and step by steps/modifications within this website are free for you to use and perform on your vehicle. If you plan on creating your own site with any of the files or steps from this website, I would appreciate it that you acknowledge their original source whether myself or from the member that contributed them.

Also note that in any type of modification or install procedure, if you do not feel confident on doing any of the modifications listed on this website, but still feel you want to do it, then ask a specialist in that particular field for assistance or have them install it for you.
  Therefore this disclaimer is provided to address the following topics….
  All data and information provided on this web site is for informational purposes only. Neither freeservers, Time Warner, Roadrunner, Hyundai Motor Company, or HMA USA, endorses the accuracy of any information or content contained on, linked, downloaded or accessed from this website. you hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any material/information from this web site shall be at your own risk.
  “We, us” implies to any member or myself from the Santa Fe Forum and Automotive Forums mentioned in this web page.
  “We, us" implies to the author, the Hyundai Motor Company, Time Warner/Roadrunner or any of its employees.
  “We, us" implies to freeservers or any of its employees.
  Any modification / step by step on this web site has not been given to us or authorized by any of the above listings or manufacturers of the items being modified or product being installed.
  We make no guarantee that any modification on this website will not void your warrantee or cause other problems/damage.
  Should you decide to make any modification on this web site, you do so at your own risk, We are not held responsible.
  We do not accept any responsibility for any damage you may cause to your vehicle.
  All files within this web site are free for download and to help you understand the step by steps. 
  While all files are scanned for viruses, We make no guarantee that any file downloaded from this website will cause harm to your computer or system, or operate as instructed/advertised.
Note: (Some files need third party software to properly view them).
  Any modification or report on this website showing an aftermarket item is not an endorsement of that product or its parent company.

and a few words on modifying your vehicle
US Only

There has been some talk on the most Santa Fe Forums that if you modify your vehicle you end up voiding your warranty. The following is my take on it on the subject.

If Hyundai, or more to the point any Hyundai dealership wanted to declare that you voided your warranty due to you modifying your Santa Fe, trust me they can.

Okay folks you can see it in one of the two following ways...

In the Official Hyundai Warranty Coverage Guide (which you can see on my website) states the following on page 24.
(left side = model year, right side = coverage)
N/A (regardless of model year), Not Covered
Modification of the vehicle does not void the warranty on the vehicle. The warranty is voided for those components/parts that are modified or if the failure of a genuine Hyundai component/part is caused by the modification.

my comment/view..
I am no attorney, but this to me says the owner can do modifications on their own vehicle so long as the modification does not cause the vehicle to malfunction and or the part that was modified.

In the Warranty Policy and Procedures manual, specifically in section 4.1.14 "What is Not Covered" it states the following (among other things)..

Damage or failure resulting from:
Use of parts other than Hyundai Genuine parts
Any devices and or accessories not supplied by HMA
Modifications, alterations, tampering, or improper repair.
Parts or accessories used in applications for which they were not designed or not approved by HMA.

my comment/view..
This one is a bit more broader and can possibly be used by Hyundai or more to the point any Hyundai Dealership to say you voided your warranty due to you modifying any part on the vehicle.

Bottom line is that most if not all of the modifications that are listed on my website by me or any member that originally created the mod would not cause your vehicle to malfunction (if you follow the instruction properly). Plus, most of the mods are safety related and actually improve on the original design. There is nothing in the website that does anything to the engine, transmission or any critical part that might lead to failure. Plus the burden of the proof lies solely on the manufacturer to prove that due to that use of the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure of the vehicle. Adding side markers, rear fog lights, led lights, multimedia equipment, interior lighting for the controls, lighted gauges etc can not void your warranty since they would not cause your vehicle to fail if done properly and the instruction were followed correctly. Plus we have the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that also states this and helps us owners in the event a dealership/manufacturer says our warranty is denied due to using aftermarket items and installing them.
Cutting a wire would not void your warranty providing you properly seal and safeguard that connection from shorting out.

As mentioned in the disclaimer above, note that in any type of modification or install procedure, if you do not feel confident on doing any of the modifications listed on this website, but still feel you want to do it, then ask a specialist in that particular field for assistance or have them install it for you.

So sit back, browse, read and learn, but have fun doing these mods.

Outside the US (Great Britain)
UK Only

As mentioned in the disclaimer above, the following is for UK (Great Britain) owners only. The text was compiled by SFF Member Andy2035 (John Andrews) .

UK warranty scope

Any component forming part of the original vehicle specification manufactured by Hyundai Motor Company or supplied by Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd (except tires and accessories), which are found to be defective as a result of poor manufacture or materials during normal usage of the vehicle will, at the discretion of Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd, be repaired or replaced, at no cost to the vehicle owner. Components replaced under the terms of the warranty shall continue to have the benefit of the unexpired portion of the warranty only.


The new vehicle five year, unlimited mileage warranty shall not apply to the following:

Defects judged by Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd as being caused by the failure to follow the recommendations regarding the frequency of routine maintenance services or the failure to have such routine maintenance services performed.

Defects, which are attributable to careless handling, accident, improper use of the vehicle, or incorrectly completed repairs or routine maintenance services, save by Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd and authorized Hyundai dealers.

Damage occurring as a result of any act or omission which is willfully unlawful or negligent, save by Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd and authorized Hyundai dealers.

Defects arising from the use of non-genuine Hyundai parts or accessories, or the use of lubricants, fluids or fuels not approved for use in the vehicle by Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd.
Any modifications or installations performed outside the scope of normal routine maintenance or running repairs without the express approval of Hyundai Car (UK) Ltd.

Deterioration, staining or corrosion of plated parts, paint coatings, rubber or plastic components or soft trim which will occur due to normal exposure and usage.

Alleged defects which are not as a direct result of manufacture or material defects, or are not recognised as affecting the quality or function of the vehicle. Examples of these include, but are not limited to:
Noises or vibrations of low amplitude or frequency which are considered to be representative of the characteristics of the vehicle.

Slight oozing of oils or fluids from seals or gaskets which causes no appreciable decrease in the level of these fluids.
Panel gaps, or any other defects which are considered to be representative of the permitted manufacturing tolerances, accepted by Hyundai.

External appearance defects which are not apparent unless magnified by special means or which are considered to be of a minor cosmetic nature and having no affect upon the general appearance or quality of the vehicle, or which are representative of the standards of finish expected by the manufacturer.

Corrosion or other external damage resulting from stone chipping, gravel or any other form of impact.
Discoloration, fading or deterioration resulting from exposure to or contact with tree sap, bird droppings, insects, tar, industrial pollution/fallout, contamination by lubricants or other fluids.

Defects resulting from poor repair to, or failure to have repaired, body damage caused by the above.
Damage which is "secondary", and is as a direct result of any primary damage or defect upon which no action or rectification has taken place.

Failure or damage occurring during the period of the manufacturer-backed warranty or faults developing during that period unless rectified immediately.

The replacement of lubricants, fluids or refrigerant other than as a direct consequence of a warrantable repair. The replacement of consumable/service and wear and tear items normally replaced or repaired in the process of routine maintenance servicing or where the normal useful life of such components as judged by Hyundai has expired. These include but are not limited to:

oil filters
fuel filters and filter elements
drive belts
sparking plugs
spark plug leads
gaskets and oil seals
brake pads/shoes
rubber stoppers
wiper blades and arms

These items have a limited warranty and shall be warranted against material or manufacturing defect for a period stated in the full list, which can be found in section 'Consumable/Service and Wear and Tear Items'.
Cosmetic defects of paint and trim (orange peel, low gloss, runs/sags, etc) are warranted for the first two years from date of registration. After this time, only defects attributable to the actual paint materials or substrate metal will be warrantable.
Breakage or scratching of glass occurring after delivery to the owner of the vehicle.
Vehicles that have been used for racing, rallying, competition, or speed/endurance trials of any kind.
Defects occurring as a result of "fair wear and tear".
"Fair wear and tear" is defined as deterioration occurring through usage and no defect of material or a manufacturing nature is evident.
Loss directly or indirectly contributed to, by or arising from:
Ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste arising from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly, or nuclear component thereof.
Any other fallout or unusual environmental condition.
Acts of war, tension or civil unrest.
Damage to casings caused by impact, frost, and lack of anti-freeze or lubricants.
Consequential loss of any kind whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the claim, or even from any source giving rise to a claim under the warranty.
Damage to the catalytic converter due to use of leaded fuel, running the engine with a misfire or shocks/blows to the fragile catalytic element.
Warranty-based repairs carried out by non-authorized Hyundai dealers will not be reimbursed.

Also, remember that we DO NOT have the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act over here in the United Kingdom.

If you have any concern's or question's regarding your Warranty and/or any dispute's that you may have with either Hyundai UK or your Hyundai dealer, then contact TRADING STANDARDS.



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