Hyundai Santa Fe Rear Spoiler Installation/Report

Installer: twospirits
Testers: twospirits, onigoroshi and other Santa Fe Owners
Part supplier: TFR Racing
Author, Images: twospirits

Introduction / History

The Hyundai Santa Fe has numerous aftermarket add-ons that can be purchased to further enhance the look and style of it. One of these aftermarket items is a rear spoiler. The rear spoiler in this install guide was sold by TFR Racing. It is a genuine Hyundai Motor Corporation part manufactured by Hyundai Mobis. Unfortunately the instructions sheet that is supplied with the product is in Korean. This is the reason why I created this install guide, to make it easier for others who purchase this item, plus saving having to spend over 100 dollars for someone to install it for you..


Please Read the disclaimer before proceeding

Difficulty level / scale: On a scale of 1 - 10

Easy   Difficult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Tools and materials needed:

Main tools  Optional Tools
Rear Spoiler Kit from TFR Racing  Towel
Center point  Portable vacuum cleaner
Hammer  Sanding File
3/8 drill bit  Dremel Tool
15/32 drill bit  
29mm drill bit  
Masking tape   

Time to install item:

Total time for mod: 60-90 min  

Step 1:.

  Clean the upper part of the rear hatch.
Place masking tape on the upper left side of the hatch.

(SEE PIC # 01.)
  Do the same for the right side.
(SEE PIC # 02.)
  Place the marking jig template in the appropriate spots.
(SEE PIC # 03.)
  Do the same for the right side.
(SEE PIC # 04.)
  Take a center point and with a hammer tap it 1-2 times to make a small indentation. Do the same for the other side.
(SEE PIC # 05.)
  Make sure you have eye goggles protection.
Take a 5/32 bit drill bit and drill to make a small hole at the marking point indicated on the jig template. Do the same for the other side. This allows the bigger drill bit to go through. Now take the 3/8 drill bit and finish drilling through the hole.

(SEE PIC # 06.)
  This would be the finished hole you just drilled. (Do not take the template off, this picture is only to show you what it would look like.)
(SEE PIC # 07.)
  The marking jig template folds over to the underside of the hatch. It has several folding lines indentations that allow you to fold the template over the ridges of the underside of the hatch. Make sure it is held by masking tape.
(SEE PIC # 08.)
  Do the same for the other side.
(SEE PIC # 09.)
  Place a towel around the left rear pillar. This allows any drilled metal shaving to not scratch the sides once you start drilling.
Take a center point and with the hammer tap the mark 3-4 times.
Take the 5/32 bit drill and drill a hole at the mark. It will be easy going through the first layer, once you hit the second layer of metal stop and change drill bits.
Change to the 29mm drill bit, (template says to use a 31/32 but I could not find one, the 29mm is as close as it gets).

(SEE PIC # 10.)
  Using the 29mm drill bit , apply pressure to drill through the second layer. Be sure not to apply too much force or you will hit the outer sheet layer of metal.
This is what the resulting hole should look like after you go through. Take a sand file or dremel tool and smooth out the metal shavings so it won't be so sharp.
(SEE PIC # 11.)
  These are the hole bits after you drilled through, it shows the two layers that you just drilled through, and it explains why it is harder drilling the underside of the hatch.
(SEE PIC # 12.)
  Apply the kits' dielectric grease to the exposed metal, (both left and right upper holes).
(SEE PIC # 13.)
  Place the spoiler on a workable area, make sure you place a towel on the area first so it won't scratch the spoiler. Apply the supplied double sided tape to the foots of the spoiler.
Take out the cover liner of the tape.
(SEE PIC # 14.)
  Take the spoiler and place it on the Santa Fe. The spoiler has two built in bolts/screws that will fit in the holes you did earlier. The double side tape holds the spoiler on to the hatch temporarily so you can open the hatch and work on the underside.
(SEE PIC # 15.)
  Open the hatch and apply the de-electric grease to the exposed metal. Take the supplied nuts and using a 10 mm socket wrench/screwdriver attach it and screw the nut to the spoilers bolt/screw.
(Note: Be careful while doing this, you do not want to slip and have the nut go into the hole of the hatch. If it does you will need to get a screwdriver that has a telescopic magnet at the end to fish it out.) Do the same for the other side.
(SEE PIC # 16.)
  After the spoiler is attached, cover the underside holes with the supplied 2 inch square black covers.
(SEE PIC # 17.)
  Stand back and admire your new spoiler.


 Dimensions 1     Dimensions 2   Dimensions 3
  Dimensions 4     Dimensions 5  
 Another spoiler made for the Santa Fe. This one is a bit smaller in size. 
 Another spoiler on Santybabes' Red Santa Fe.. 

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