Hyundai Santa Fe Strutbar Modification

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Part supplier: TFR, Sharkracing
Author, Images: twospirits

Introduction / History

Most vehicles flex when cornering. Adding a strut bar reduces a vehicle's chassis flex by connecting the vehicle body at the shock towers for added stiffness. This improves a vehicle's road manners and handling characteristics by working with the factory suspension components and provide better performance driving. The modification shows you how to add a TFR strutbar to the Santa Fe.

Additional info about the benefits of adding a Strut Bar can be found here.


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Difficulty level / scale: On a scale of 1 - 10 

Easy  Modification Version 1 Difficult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Tools and materials needed:

 01) 10mm Socket wrench with extension

Time to perform modification:

Total time for modification: 30 minutes  

The Strut Bar.

Acquired the Strut Bar from Team Falcon Racing and this is what it looks like out of the box.

Step 1 - Prep the area.

The Strut Bar will be seated on top of the Strut/Shock towers. Remove the three bolts using the 10mm socket wrench.

Step 2 - Attached the Strut Bar.

Place the Strut Bar on top of the Strut/Shock Tower. Loosen the hinged bolts for the next step.

Step 3 - Securing the Strut Bar.

Make sure that the bar is seated on the strut/shock tower securely. Place the bar itself onto the lower level of the hinge. Tighten the bolts.

Repeat the three steps for the other side.

Step 4 - Final views.

The following two images show what it looks like attached.
Another View.

Step 5 - Testing.

For a true test of the usefulness of the strut bar on a vehicle such as the Santa Fe one should take it to the track. But not everyone has that ability to ride their vehicle that hard or that fast. Still I was able to notice a slight cornering improvement, but your experience may vary.

Enjoy your new strut bar.

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