Hyundai Santa Fe Brush Guard LED Modification

Installer: Santamen
Testers: Santamen
Part supplier: Hyundai Mobis
Author, Images: Santamen

Introduction / History

For those that acquired the Factory front brush guard part number 0830-26100 you can add a nice led effect to the Santa Fe lettering. This highlights it while driving.


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Difficulty level / scale: On a scale of 1 - 10 

Easy  Modification Version 1 Difficult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Tools and materials needed:

 01) Overhead neon light cover cut to size
 02) 3M double sided tape
 03) 12inch long Blue LED light bar or bulbs (color does not have to be blue)
 05) Glue for plastic/metal surfaces.
 04) Possible switch to control the LED.

Time to perform modification:

Total time for modification: 30 minutes  

The Plastic Strip.

Acquired from any Home improvement store a strip of plastic like Lexon and cut it to the appropriate length. 

Note: the plastic strip can be either Lexon or what they use to cover neon light fixtures on ceilings.

This view shows you the plastic strip and how thin it is and transparent. (You can see the installers fingers through it).

Step 1 - Attaching the strip.

Attach the plastic strip to the backside of the upper bar where the Santa Fe logo is with heavy duty glue (that's made for plastic and metal. Position the strip so that it covers the logo as shown in the picture.

Step 2 - Attached the LED bar.

Attach the LED blue (or whatever color you choose) bar/bulbs to the plastic strip using 3M double sided tape.

Step 3 - Connecting the LED to a power source.

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(not taken)

You will connect the LED bar according to its instructions. Most likely it would have two wires. One black for ground and the other to connect to the power source. In this case it should be connected to the Parking light. This allows the LED bar to only come on when you have your lights on.

Note: you may want to connect a switch to control if you only want the LED to come on at certain times and not all the time when you use your lights.

Step 4 - Final views.

The following two images show what it looks like attached. This one from behind the brush guard.
The following two images show what it looks like attached. This one from behind the brush guard.
One final view

Enjoy your new brush guard LED bar.

Special thanks for Santa Fe Forum member Santamen for the above images and modification.

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