Gas Saving Tips

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Easy Steps to Accelerate Your Gas Savings

01 - Tune up your Engine An un-maintained engine that misfires for 10 seconds wastes enough gas to go 2 miles.
02 - Lower the RPM Use high gears for city driving.
03 - Let it Breathe A clean air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10%. A performance intake will also increase Horse Power.
04 - Keep it Clean Change your oil filter. Dirty oil adds friction, which wastes gas.
05 - Keep it cool In town, open windows and turn off A/C. On the highway, close windows, run A/C on low. Shade your windshield when parked.
06 - Shift to slow down When slowing down, switch to lower gears instead of using brakes.
07 - Drive 55 A car traveling 65 mph uses 17% more gas than at 55 mph.
08 - Check your tires An under inflated tire cuts fuel economy by 10%, by over inflating tires by 2psi it can save up to half a gallon of gas per tank.
09 - Start it easy Start car without stepping on the gas and don't press the pedal more than 3/4 of the way down.
10 - Tighten it up A loose or broken gas cap can allow gas to evaporate.
11 - Unload some weight Each 100 pounds of cargo removed saves about half a mile per gallon.
12 - Cruise or Lose Use cruise control whenever possible.
13 - Motor Oil Use the grade of motor oil recommended in your manual. The wrong grade can reduce mileage.
14 - Avoid Drive Thru's Sitting idle at a drive thru can waste as much as a gallon of gas per tank.
15 - Gas Octane's If your owner's manual doesn't call for premium gas, don't buy it. You will not improve your performance or gas mileage.
16 - Plan your route Plan out your route so you don't end up driving in circles numerous times. Use a GPS system for long trips so you don't get lost.
17 - Consolidate Errands Combine daily errands to eliminate unnecessary driving. Try to travel when traffic is light to avoid stop-and-go conditions. Join a car pool.
18 - Reduce Drag Covering your truck bed with a bed cover to reduces drag. Don't drive with the tailgate down on the highway it extends beyond your bumper allowing for rear end damage.

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