The Hyundai Santa Fe Hood Scoop Lights Modification

Original idea: Andy2035
Author of procedures: Andy2035, twospirits
Installer / Testers: Andy2035
Images provided by: Andy2035, TFR Racing,

Introduction / History

European and Korean shipped Santa Fes'  have a Bonnet (Hood) Scoop imbedded within their hoods for the intercooler of the diesel versions. The USA shipped models do not. But through a few online parts companies such as TFR Racing, on can attached a plastic Hood Scoop to their hoods.

This modification shows how to add led lights to the inside of the Hood Scoop to give it that unique aftermarket glow effect.


  Please Read the disclaimer before proceeding

Difficulty level / scale: On a scale of 1 - 10

Easy   Difficult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Tools and materials needed:

4 (Domed typed) bulb LED light kit with remote control
Hood Scoop from TFR Racing
1 pk of velcro or 3m Double sided tape

Step 1a: Preparing Hood Scoop (USA models).

USA Models:
If you have a US model, most likely you have already attached the Hood Scoop to the the hood. In this case the application of this mod would be a bit more difficult since you will have to remove the Hood Scoop to attach the LED lights and possibly drill another hole through the hood.

Assuming that your Hood scoop was already prep, prim and painted, just unbolt the (4 bolts holding the) Hood Scoop. The Hood Scoop has 4 bolts sticking down from the top of the hood.

Step 1b: Preparing hood scoop (European/Asian models).


European/Asian Models:
The hood scoop is already attached to the hood and an opening is already visible underneath the scoop.

Step 2: Place pillow onto center console.

Now place the pillow on top of the center console and firmly press down on it so the sticky part of the Velcro adheres to the console.


Additional information:

In doing this mod, I originally wanted to find something that would extend the assembly up by 3 inches and look professional almost OEM like. I started to look at the striker (item #3) and see if I could get something to raise it up. I then thought of using extension rods like the ones you use in an umbrella with little metal pegs that pop out to lock but I could not find a way to cut it right to size. Unfortunately there was nothing that would not look too out of place. So I decided on the pillow method for the time being. I am providing the parts list for the center console ( See picture.) for those that might have another idea on how to do this. If you do, then feel free to contact me and I would display it and acknowledge you as the modifier.











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