Hyundai Santa Fe Signal Hood Mirrors Installation

Installer: twospirits
Testers: twospirits (Signal Mirrors), Onigoroshi (Non Signal Mirrors)
Part supplier: TFR Racing
Author, Images: twospirits

Introduction / History

The Santa Fe has numerous aftermarket parts that are available for purchase here in the United States. One of these items is a Hood Mirror. It is a item that will help virtually eliminate the blind spot that most drivers encounter. These mirrors as the name implies are placed on the sides of the hood where it meets the fender. There are currently two types out on the market, one that is just the mirror and one that includes signal lights for directional signaling. This install guide shows how to connect the Signal Hood Mirrors that were obtained from TFR Racing. This step by step instruction is  my attempted to replace the original instruction sheet that is supplied by the manufacturer  which is in Korean.


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Tools and materials needed:

The Signal Hood Mirror Kit was shipped and packaged very well and all the items were accounted for.
The kit consists of the following items...
   Item  Qty      
 01)  Hood Signal Mirror 1 Left 1 Right  
 02)  2 Wires (1 red, 1 white) 2 Left 2 Right  (Attached to Hood Mirror)
 03)  Instruction Manual (Korean) 1  

These are the Signal Hood Mirrors out of the box.



Main items 
TFR Racing SFE002B Hood Signal Mirror Kit (see above)
Isopropyl Alcohol 
Clean Rag

Electrical tape in the color of your vehicle.
4 Blue Butt Connector

Time to install item:

Total time for mod: 30-45 min  

Placement and hooking up the Hood Mirrors.

กก With the Hood closed measure from the edge of the hood 7 1/4 inches inward and mark with a grease pencil.

For those that have a Hyundai Hood Deflector, measure from the inner part of the deflector 4 inches and mark with the grease pencil.

    Open up the Hood and place the Hood Mirror at the mark you just did with the grease pencil. Make sure that the wires are not in the way of the screws. Tighten the screws.
    Route the wire Around the Hood hinge/bolt and then along the side of the fender.
    Take electrical tape that is in the color of your Santa Fe and tape the wires to the hood.


    Do the same for the wires along side the fender. (Tape it to the sides.)
    I wanted the Hood Mirrors to be directional signals so I would attach the two wires (red and white) to the Headlights. The headlights have a pig tail harness which consists of 3 wires. We are only concerned with the Black wire and the Red with Yellow Stripe Wire.

I hooked them up as follows.

    From Hood Mirror

 Connected to

 From PigTail harness
    Red Wire   Black Wire
    White Wire Red w/ Yellow Stripe Wire
 Test the lights and they should signal.


 Additional Views    

Non-Signal Hood Mirrors Placement

  There are some Hood Mirrors that are sold that do not have signal lights in them. These are available at Big Boy Toys and Autozone etc. This is what the package looks like.
    Installing these types of non signal Hood Mirrors is the same procedure as shown above.
  You may want to play around with the distance of the mirror on the hood but 4 inches from the hood deflector or 7 1/4 without a deflector is the best distance.
    This pic compares the two types of hood mirrors mentioned in this install. The Signal Hood Mirror is a bit bigger in size than the non-signal ones.
Additional Views

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