Hyundai Santa Fe One Touch Open Sunroof Modification

Installer: Roland
Testers: Roland
Part supplier: DEI (Directed Electronics Inc,) California
Author, Images: nsdy2K, twospirits, HMA

Introduction / History

Hyundai sells some Santa Fe's with a sunroof option. These sunroofs can be operated with the supplied two switches. Each switch has an open and closed capability. The one on the left is used to open and close the sunroof. The one on the right will tilt it open and close. To open the sunroof normally, you must hold down the open button until the sunroof is fully opened. At times this is very aggravating because you can't tell if the sunroof is fully open. Typically, as you are holding the open button switch down;  you need to take your eyes off the road to see if the sunroof is fully opened. This modification allows you to open and close the sunroof automatically with one touch.

This one touch feature works on both buttons - pressing the left open button for 1-2 seconds will pulse the D528T relay and allows the sunroof to open completely. Pressing the right open button will tilt open the sunroof as normal and pressing it quickly will close it again and holding it a second longer will allow the D528T to take over and open it completely

Once pressed the sunroof will open completely, you cannot stop it until it's fully opened. If you want it to open partially, you must allow it to complete its opening then press the close button to where you want it. The Santa Fe's sunroof is very quick so this is done in seconds

Optional feature:
If you want the open switch to perform a full open with two presses and one press to do manual open then a pulse timer relay with programmable feature should be used. This circuit design allows for that and only a different relay replacement is required. I think one of the PAC TRC relay might be able to do this, I have to verify the specs. I used the popular DEI D528T because it was cheaper, available, and proven.


Please Read the disclaimer before proceeding

Difficulty level / scale: On a scale of 1 - 10

Easy   Difficult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Tools and materials needed:


The DEI D528T pulse timer module.  See pics 01 and 02  
  The module can be bought at any online electronic store, one of which is Dr. Detail Shop.
It retails for approx. $29.99 US Dollars.


Standard SPDT relay w/ harness  See pic 03  


Wire taps w/ spade connectors  See pic 03  


Bullet quick disconnect connectors  See pic 03  


10mm socket w.extension  (not pictured)  


optional flathead screwdriver  (not pictured)  
 Pic 01    Pic 02  Pic 03  
 The box it came in.    Outside of the box    

Time to install item:

Total time for mod: 2-3 hours  

Necessary pre-mod / install steps.


Close the sunroof (see Pic 04)


Disconnect the negative battery terminal (see Pic 05)


Place drivers seat back (see Pic 06) give yourself enough room to work on the overhead console.

 Pic 04


 Pic 05


 Pic 06


Removing the necessary panel covers.

 Pic 07    
    To remove the overhead console assembly, press the eyeglass compartment door to open. There you will then see two bolts on top. (see Pic 07)
Begin removing the two bolts inside the eyeglass compartment with a 10MM socket with extension.

After removing the bolts, the overhead console will drop slightly. Gently but firmly, grasping the front & side of the overhead console assembly; pull straight down. Do not wiggle or twist; otherwise, you will risk breaking the plastic (black) tabs on the console assembly.
 Pic 08    
  The plastic black tabs can be see in Pic 08. The console tabs are tightly fitted because they are designed that way. The tabs are held in place by metal clips. Inside the clips are cleat-like teeth. Pulling it straight down will pull the clips off along with the console assembly.
 Pic 09    
  As you can see from Pic 09, the clips came off along with the tabs. Using a small flathead screw driver, you can gently pry them off the plastic tab.
 Pic 10    
  Pic 10 shows the sunroof frame with slotted openings for the clips.
 Pic 11    
  Re-insert the removed clips by pushing them back into the sunroof frame as shown in Pic 11.

Familiarizing yourself with the D528T Pulse Timer module.

 Pic 12    
The DEI D528T Pulse Timer (see pic 12) is
a adjustable timer relay with a built in 30Amp normally closed pole. When pulsed, the relay will throw the second pole closed and remain closed until the duration of the pre-set timer. Having two poles allow the ability to create any disconnect/connect circuitry for any amount of time ranging from 0-90secs. The relay has a rotary switch for adjusting timer duration.

The module comes with generic instructions, which are not to be followed for this modification.

 The DEI D528T connections:
   Color  Description  Connects to
   Black/White  Trigger Input  #87 (SPDT)
   Red  +12 V constant  M88 - Orange
   Brown  Normally opened  M87 - White (cut half connector side)
   Black  Ground  M89 - Black
   Yellow  Common  M89 - Black
   Orange  Normally closed  Not Used
   Blue  Trigger type (+/-) Loop  Leave alone

Familiarizing yourself with the standard car SPDT relay.

 Pic 13    
Pic 13 shows the standard automotive alarm +12VDC SPDT 5 terminals relay. Usually cost $2-$5, I found mine on-line for $1.89 plus shipping. This is the classic relay having single pole with double throw switch. When the coil is at rest, the common terminal #30 and #87A are closed and have continuity. When the coil is energized, the common terminal #30 and #87 are closed (continuity) and #87A is opened (shorted).
 The STD car relay (SCR) 5 terminals:
       Description   Connects to
       #85  coil  M88 - Orange
       #86  coil  M87 - White (cut half harness side)
       #30  common  M89 - Black
       #87  normally opened  DEI - Black/White
       #87A  normally closed  Not used

Wiring Diagrams for the Santa Fe:

 (Note: Only two connectors M87 & M88 are required for this installation). 
  Pic 14    
    Pic 14 shows the Hyundai Webtech wiring diagram for the sunroof.
(Click on the image to open up in a new window at full size)
  Pic 15    

Identifying the connectors you will be working with.

M88, M87 & M89 Connectors

 Pic 16    
    There is one connector (M88) inside the overhead console assembly. Remove the overhead console by disconnecting the lamp & power connector M88. (See Pic16
 Pic 17    
  With the overhead console removed you will see and have access to two other connectors, M87 & M89.

Pic 17 shows the following connectors..
M87 – sunroof relay connector
M88 – overhead console lamp & power connector
M89 – sunroof motor connector


Begin wiring...

 Pic 18    
  Unwrap the electrical tape from M88 connector and wire tap M88 Orange wire.
 Pic 19    

Detach the M87 connector and unwrap the electrical tape to expose the two wires,  Black and White.  

Install a wire tap on the Black wire at M87. This is the ground for the circuit.

At M87, make sure the White wire is exposed 2 or more inches. This will allow more room for stripping the wire.

 Pic 20    

Now, cut the White wire in half, separate, and install male bullet connectors on each end of the White wire. See the arrows in the photo. 

(Note: If you look carefully, you can see the D528T relay, tuck inside the headliner next to the M89 connector on the left side of photo.)

 Pic 21    

Connect together DEI Black & yellow with SPDT #30 and insert into male spade connector and connect to wire tap on M87 Black.  

Connect DEI Red and SPDT #85 to a male spade connector and connect to M88 Orange.

Connect DEI Black/White to SPDT #87. Leave alone DEI Blue cable & do not cut. Also DEI Orange cable is not used.

 Pic 22    

Using bullet connector, connect SPDT #86 to M87 White, the cut half on the harness side. 

Connect DEI Brown to the other M87 White, the other cut half on the connector side.

This is how the bullet connectors look like after the connections.

 Pic 23    

This is the D528T pulse timer relay. It has clear body case with a rotary adjustment switch.  Insert the relay inside the headliner. 

Insert the other relay SPDT on the opposite side next to M87 relay. Also place inside the headliner.


 Pic 24    

Now, tape all wires and push them neatly inside the headliner

Adjusting the DEI pulse timer.

 Pic 25    

As mentioned earlier, the D528T Pulse Timer has a built in adjustable rotary switch that allows you to set the timing sequence to disconnect a circuit a certain amount of time. You turn the switch by using a flat head screwdriver.

Turn the DEI adjustment dial to 8 o¨clock position to start.  Reattach the battery cable and plug the M88 connector back to the overhead console assembly.  Allow the console to hang on itself. DO NOT INSERT THE CONSOLE BACK YET!

Testing the D528T Pulse Timer.

Turn the ignition key to accessory position. Press the sunroof open button and hold down for a second. The sunroof should open and continue to run until the relay click off. Listen for the DEI relay to make a weak click noise after the sunroof has stopped. If the click comes within seconds after closing then it¨s fine. If the wait is longer than that, then you might want to adjust the DEI rotary knob slightly. Clockwise to lengthen the pulse timer (SR opening time) and counter clockwise to shorten

Securing the D528T Pulse Timer.

 Pic 26    
    At this point, knowing that the Pulse Timer works, you can secure any loose wires by wrapping them up in electrical tape if desired and secure the module in a place that will keep it from knocking around.

Now align the tabs with the clips. Push the overhead console assembly up and be sure the tabs are inside the clips


Final wrap up.

 Pic 27    
    Finish tightening the bolts inside the eyeglass holder and your installation is complete.

Enjoy your modification.

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