Hyundai Santa Fe Euro Lights Installation-Fix

Installer: hbcroushore
Author of Mod / Report: hbcroushore, twospirits
Installer / Testers: hbcroushore
Part supplier: Numerous online suppliers for the Euro lights, home improvement store
Images provided by: hbcroushore, twospirits

Introduction / History

The Santa Fe has numerous aftermarket and OEM parts that are not readily available for purchase here in the United States. Some of these items can be purchased from 3rd party suppliers outside the Dealership network. Once such product is the Euro style Altezza lights. The lights are designed in Korea and constructed in Taiwan. These Altezza lights give the Santa Fe a new distinctive look making it look worth hundreds more than it is. They are not OEM and thus will not be a perfect fit. One problem is that they stick out just a bit due to their design. This step by step instruction guide corrects this oversight in the design. This install guide / fix was created by fellow Santa Fe Forum member hbcrushore and will be updated as more members perform the modification.


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Difficulty level / scale: On a scale of 1 - 10

Easy   Difficult
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Tools and materials needed:

One set of Euro Style Altezza lights
2 12" long threaded rod 8/32 inch in size  from any home improvement store
2 8/32 nuts
#29 drill bit for drilling into peg
file saw or dremel tool
center punch
grease pencil or marker
weather stripping

Time to install item:

Total time for mod: 30-60 min  

Step 1: Preparing the Euro light.

¡¡ ¡¡ Unscrew the Euro light peg bracket. You will need to cut off the tip of the peg to get to the thick part.
Put the bracket in a vise and center punch the tip. This will allow you to place a # 29 drill bit on it without slipping. 
Drill the hole with a very carefully and straight, about a quarter of an inch. (The # 29 drill bit is the perfect size for the 8/32 rod, otherwise the pegs wall would be too thin and may pull out if you tighten the nut too much.)
Do not drill all the way through
. This will weaken the bracket.
Tap the 8/32 hole, and screw the threaded rod in. Note: The one thing I did not do was measure the length of the rods. The threaded rods that I used come in 12¡± lengths. You will be using two of them, one for each bracket.
     Insert the bracket with the rod through the peg hole so you can determine the point where the rod is to enter the vehicles¡¯ frame. Mark the spot with a pen/pencil or grease pencil. Remove the rod/bracket and drill at the marked spot.

Drill with a 12¡± long bit so that you go through everything. The resulting clearance hole should be large enough for an 8/32 screw.


Pull the quarter panel back. You¡¯ll be able to get your finger in one of the large holes to feel for cables, so you can drill the second hole without damaging any wires.

     Screw the bracket (with the rod) back onto the Euro light lamp housing.

Reattached the Euro Light and attach the 8/32 nut to the rod. Screw the nut until you have the Euro light as flush as you want.

Reattach the quarter trim and place a plug on the hole. The plugs are so you can access the nuts.

This pic shows the right side plug.

     This shows the left side plug.
     The original gaskets should work if they are trimmed a little.   I ordered weather-stripping from JC Whitney, which is slightly thinner than the ones on the lights.   I tried all local possibilities first, but most stripping in home improvement places is the ugly foam, which shows a little.  Whitney's is the real close cellular type. Looks good. It can be ordered directly at

Item 12ZX7116T - Stick-On Weather Strip, 5/16" thick x 3/8" width

Quantity of 1 @ 5.49 Roll

     The following pics show the finished results. The Euro lights are now flush to the rest of the body.
¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡
¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡

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