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  Collapsible Table         
(Modification to make the rear cargo tray into a picnic table.)         
I found this table at my local Wal-Mart for less than 6 bucks.

Here were the supplies I used to create my Santa Fe Table: Picnic Table and Velcro. 

The Velcro is not a necessity but I wanted something a more stable connection with the legs. If you Decide to use the Velcro, get the Industrial Strength variety.


With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws holding canvas top to the folding legs. Once the screws are removed, the plastic caps can be removed along with the canvas top. 
The base will look like this once the canvas is removed.

Remove the screw holding the plastic cap in place. This allows for some extra height on the table. The tradeoff is that the table is a little less stable.


Here is the placement of the Velcro on the back of the table top. Put the “soft” side of the Velcro on to the tops of the four table caps to complete Velcro installation.


Assemble the table by connecting Velcro portions. In this position, the center of the base lines up with the center hole of the tabletop.

Voila, Your completed Santa Fe Table. It is still short but works just find with those collapsible chairs. If nothing else, it beats eating on the floor. (grin) The base folds nicely for storage and fits in the rear storage compartment  under the tabletop with a little finagling. The tablecloth: A sign of a true SF fan. I hope this guide can help someone.