My Smileys Page

Any or all Icons/Avatars/Smileys found on this page are free to use at your discretion so long as you download them to your hard drive first and then upload it to your web hosting / ISP / personal site. These icons, avatars, Smileys were obtained from numerous sites throughout the internet and their original origin are noted, if known.

The Santa Fe avatars     

These are the Santa Fe Icons that were originally created by Santa Fe Form member ddloyd. I placed them here in case anyone wants to use them in their own forum postings. Feel free to use them at your discretion.
You can download a WinZip file of the avatars at the bottom of this page.

Multi-Color   Black   Crystal Blue   Copper   Green   Merlot
White   Sandstone   Pewter   Artic Blue   Midnight Blue   Red

The Smileys

These are non Santa Fe related Smileys'. Acquired from numerous sites on the web. Feel free to use them at your discretion, but please download them to your own hard drive first then up load them to your web hosting site or ISP/personal web page.
You can download the WinZip file of the avatars at the bottom of this page.

 In no particular order...

Arguing Drunk
Beer chug Excuse me
Bouncing Fire Fine Print
Boxing Furious
BS Gas thrower
Bullwhip Shocking
Censored Sombrero
Cowboy Bowing
Cursing Morning Coffee
Group hug Kiss me here
Spanking Exit Right
Text- Arg Text- Oh
Text- Bye Text- Ok
Text- Cool Text- Oops
Text- Duh Text- Sigh
Text- Eek Text- Thanks
Text- Help Text- Urg
Text- Hi Text- Wow
Text- Joking Text- Yeah
Text- LOL text- Yes
Text- No Text- Yo
Biting No
Hypnotic Disk Scratch Chin
Hypnotized Sonar
Clown Devil Smoking
Big grin Glittering
Pointing lol Multicolor
Peace Robber
Retired 1 Retired 2
Pokahantas Dough boy
Queen Retired
Robber Thumbs up
Wink Trophy
Ninja1 Pirate
Ninja2 Samurai
Samurai Ban
Cry Holy Sheep
Canada Wave Happy Birthday
Cowboy Crazy
Fishing Protest
Jail Far Out
Kiss ass Off Topic
Oh my God PMS
Ski SeeSaw
Playboy Wow
Pimp Rollin
Karate guy Doggie
Spin Wave
Yuck Devil
Alien EEEK
Rollin Eyes Embarrassed
Frown Glasses
Grin Happy
Laugh Mad
Nerd Oh Well
Roll eyes Sick
Smile Tired
Tongue Wink
Hyundai Karate guy
Australia Puerto Rico
Canada United kingdom
Cuba United States
Rose Circle of Friends
Red Ball FDNY
Heart Fireworks
Football 1 Football 2
Tiny Dot Bigfoot
Penguin Fighter
kick boxer Wild babe
Plumber Pull ups
123 Bear eating picnic
Kick butt Kick PC
Yikes Happy Hour
Present Tongue at you
Fat lady sings    
my 2 cents Bang head
Ban him Ban her
With stupid Number one
No No I agree
Repost Weird
Pfff Bad Idea
Beware of Mods Bite Me
Bring it Cell Smiley
Why did I click that link Deleted Double post
Speak English Global smiley
Good posting Green with envy
Here's a hint Lies
Unfair Back to Topic
Post Pimp Post Whore
Owned Hats off to you
Tease Transport
Thread Hijacked You're Fired
Not the brightest crayon in the box
Thread worthless without pics
Drop jaw PC Geek (me)
Big Hug
Welcome Wave
Flag at half mast
Wonder Woman

Smileys from Emoticon Ezboard

Following Smileys were obtained from  Emoticons Ezboard which is administered by Candace.
Its a great site to find all sorts of Smileys, go check it out.
U V W X Y Z        
Hail King ebay Driving Duel Mr. Bag Ms. Bag
Bow down King Queen Back to topic revolving Visa logo
cold rules cough hmmm milestone miss you
Skipper Plus sign Minus Sign Equal Sign    

Do to popular demand, I place all the avatars/Smileys' shown on this page in the following two WinZip files.
Just download the files to your hard drive and then unzip them and upload the ones you like to your web hosting site or ISP web page.

Avatars Zip
Smileys Zip