My 2001 Santa Fe Pictures

Billet Grille & Hood Deflector

Billet Grille Billet close up Front View Better view  

Blanket (Giving to me by Hyundai)

Blanket wrapped Blanket unwrapped      

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter area No filter Installed Filter    

Chrome, Chrome, and Chrome everywhere

On Bumper On Rear On Rear side On Door On Mirrors

Date of Manufactured (same as my birthday)


Fender Flares

Fenders Side Side view      

Hatch Mirror

hatch Mirror Installed Rear View    

Hatch Strap Modification

Setting strap Completed      

Hood Mirrors

Types of hood mirrors Installed Another view Front View  

Indiglo Lights

Original Day Night    

Mini Collectable Car (Die-cast 1:24 model) Part Number 08040-26010 (Pewter color)
Note: Other part numbers
        08040-26010 Smart Silver
        08040-26020 Sandstone
        08040-26030 Blue
        08040-26040 Red

Box (Front and Rear) Mini Toy with Box Front Rear Side
Stand Bottom Top View Engine Cabin
Cargo -
Other Toy Colors -
Coffee Grinder Toy -
Open Doors view -
Checked Cab Toy

Mini Collectable Car (Die-cast 1:36 scale model) (White color)
from ebay seller: Kora-Zone (sells it as a 1:32 scale but it is really a 1:36 scale diecast)

In its box Clearer view Bottom of box Back of box Side of box
Out of box Sized Bottom Angle view Cabin View
Rear View Front View      

Comparing the Diecast Mini Collectable Car (Die-cast 1:36 -1:24 scale model)

Compare 1 - Box Compare 2 - Angle Compare 3 - Front Compare 4 - Side  

My Dream Santys'

Extended Pickup 1 Pickup 2    

Rear Fog Lights

Before mod After mod      

Rear Light Bars

Led brake lights With stock light Without stock light    

Rear Side Markers

Installed Day view Night View    

Side Markers

Original New Installed    

Side Steps

Side view Closeup Emblem Long View  


Rear view Side view      

Strut Bar

Strut Bar Front View Side View    

Wood Trim

Console Driver Passenger    

Other Views

Engine At the park Forum decal At the Beach  

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