About the Santa Fe Mods website!

  About the site
  The site is basically my desire to gather all the modifications (mods) from the Santa Fe Forum into one site for the Hyundai Santa Fe MY2001 thru 2006. This allows anyone a quick listing of the mods and of the step by step guides. Some of these mods were eventually implemented in newer models, others are not. Some of these mods are not just cosmetic as one would believe but also can be viewed as a safety issue such as the side-markers modification. I hope you enjoy going through the site and take full advantage of implementing some of the mods on your Santa Fe.
  A little about me
  My name is David and I am from Queens, New York. I was born and raise in NY.
At 18 entered into the Armed Forces. Where I served my tour of duty in Germany.
While serving, I traveled throughout most of Europe. Taking in the sites and cultures.
Returned to NY in the 80's.
  I've been working with the city since 1990 in a major city hospital doing database programming.
  I enjoy programming, sci-fi shows, and special effects movies, but most of all I enjoy seeing the sights with my suv. Begining with the 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe, then the 2007 Santa Fe and now with the 2016 Hyundai Tucson.
  Enjoy the site.

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